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In some ways, his approach is more like the recapitulation ("Second Adam") model of Paul and Irenaeus, for it is Christ's unbreakably close relation to God throughout his life that rectifies the human situation and leads to his rejection and death.
is unbreakably linked to God and so immortal, invulnerable, and destined
(13) But it is an example of the way in which religion, politics, and society were unbreakably linked.
If the Christ event thus contains the validation of the promise, then this means no less than that through the faithfulness and truth of God the promise is made true in Christ-and made wholly, unbreakably, for ever and for all....
In a way not yet fully clear to the mind but well understood in the Spirit, the Jewish people and the Christian communities are unbreakably bonded together in Holy History.
This universal mystification of origins can be linked to a metaphysics of reflection positing in the solar and mirror imagery of rule an unbreakably circular play of source and representation.