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BREATH, med. juris. The air expelled from the chest at each expiration.
     2. Breathing, though a usual sign of life, is not conclusive that a child was wholly born alive, as breathing may take place before the whole delivery of the mother is complete. 5 Carr. & Payn, 329; S. C. 24 E. C. L. R. 344. Vide Birth; Life; Infanticide.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Unbreathable air, undrinkable water and inedible food are others.
The repetition of violent activities, to create an unbreathable atmosphere or climate of systematic abuse, is punished not for what acts of aggression against the physical safety, but it has special duties in violation of respect for the spouse and children and family; it is supposed as affectation of the sense of security; by the adverse effects on the development of children who are forming and growing in that familiar environment: It is about the constitutional values that revolve around the need to protect the family.
Its average temperature is -60 degrees Fahrenheit, it has no liquid water, and its atmosphere--made largely of carbon dioxide--is unbreathable. If you went for a stroll on Mars without a spacesuit, you'd die within minutes.
Instead, an increasing volume of goods is shipped by road, choking India's narrow highways and spewing toxic pollutants into the country's increasingly unbreathable air.
For instance, where would the populations of cities like Calgary and Vancouver relocate if a months-long eruption made their air unbreathable? Governments also have it in their power to enforce mobility in other instances, such as banning construction in flood zones.
That is, as part of the carbon cycle, plants convert unbreathable carbon dioxide into oxygen and a significant reduction in the number and abundance of plants would make life on Earth untenable.
The downside for immediate neighbours is unbreathable air but, hey, that's O.K.
"In a matter of minutes the heat became unbearable and the air was unbreathable due to the fumes from the motor," police said in a statement.
After that he used the blowtorch on the third victim, making unbreathable the already overbearing stench in the room.
"[Badiou's] inconsistent multiple gives way to a molar materialism of the void, a subtle form of conceptual atomism that destroys the superposition of knowledges and reestablishes the old Platonic style of philosophy--as if humans, the beings who practice the middle way and its indiscernible paths, had to practice it as a space strung between two molar limits, between divine or superhuman inspiration and the body of mathematics, one being unbreathable, the other breathtaking, in both cases because one sought to impose them as necessary and sufficient trajectories of existence." (201)
We are seeing the beginnings of this in Asian cities where the air has become unbreathable because of pollution from coal-burning power plants.
"We're always the ones who are the victims: There are those who were breaking windows, and police make the air on this street unbreathable for us." Gultekin, like most owners interviewed by Today's Zaman, said he had no affiliation with BEYDER and said he hadn't heard of TESKOMB.