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``Staying married is only difficult if you don't have a brain'' - John Lydon, formerly Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols.``I am unbribable by mangoes'' - Shadow Welsh Secretary Nigel Evans, one of several MPs who have been sent a case of this fruit by Benazir Bhutto, the former Pakistani Prime Minister.
For example, he found the German socialists in Milwaukee unbribable. "It could not mean that socialists were different from other men," he commented, finding that "socialists were not particularly honest." Rather, he argued, it was their belief in a vision, "their imminent hope of a better world" that lifted them above the game of money politics.
"Unbribable Inspector-Functionaries in the Epoch of Fading Flags" classified culture as a pathology and graded its outbreaks according to a five-point diagnostic; in Zug, Pepperstein will work with his father, artist Victor Pivovarov, on a dissection of the father-son relationship.
--, "Den omutlige Kettil Bruun" (The unbribable Kettil Bruun).
The ICS officers may have believed that they belonged to a superior race, but their administration was regarded by most Indians as just; villagers divided by religion, caste, and class were happy to accept judgments handed out by a pink-faced, unbribable young man who belonged to none of their subdivisions.
One obvious literary dement in this passage is an extended analogy in which Mill represents certain people as battling against the "conquerable" sources of human suffering, where "many will perish in the breach before the conquest is completed"; yet, unbribable by any selfish indulgence, they "will draw a noble enjoyment from the contest." But this analogy with warfare is only part of a larger complex of representations of the human condition Mill creates in that passage.