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In this regards, one of the so called analyst Mir Muhammad Talpur has crafted baseless story with the title of "An unbridgeable chasm of distrust" and published in a local Pakistani English daily newspaper.
That's an unbridgeable gap with which we Jews will just have to learn to live.
"The current disagreements with our partners are not unbridgeable," Varoufakis wrote in the blog, saying that he was open to some privatisations and an independent tax commission.
BERLIN -- Karl-Heinz Holland has resigned as chairman of Lidl in response to what the German discount supermarketer said were "unbridgeable" differences over strategy.
Lidl in an earlier statement had blamed unbridgeable differences for the departure of Holland and Jaschok, however did not go into further detail on what those strategic differences were.
The fact is, at this early stage, Mercedes are comfortably quicker than their rivals at around a second per lap, which is considerable but not unbridgeable.
While the Kenyan government appears to have largely regained control of the mall and killed, captured or isolated all the militants, the attack has shattered lives and echoed around the globe as yet another sobering reminder of the unbridgeable gap that yawns between civilization and barbarism.
Between life back home and the trenches there must have been an unbridgeable gulf of burning tears, the blood of dead mates and of incommunicable agony.
Summary: Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander has said the gap between David Cameron's party and other European leaders is "unbridgeable".
Moczanow (logic and methodology of science, Rzeszow U., Poland) points out an unbridgeable gap between the notion of quantificational truth expressed by German mathematician and philosopher Gottlob Frege (1848-1925), and the notion of reference.
Curiously enough, at some time last year I recall Vanessa Feltz (who recently celebrated her 50th birthday) on her early morning wireless show relating the tale of going to buy a bed, armed with imperial measurement, but the "youngish people" in the shop spoke only in metric - and there followed a seemingly unbridgeable gap in the discussions.
At the May 23-24 talks in Baghdad the negotiations exposed a gulf between the two sides' positions that looked almost unbridgeable, and nearly caused the talks to collapse.