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It has been bewildering to learn that people do not care about art."(84) He went on to provide a plot summary from his viewpoint," intended to "replace the non-existent novel with the one I actually wrote,"(86) knowing nevertheless that the reading priorities were unbridgeably far apart, and that legally potent simplifications had irretrievably influenced the tone of the rest of the media controversy:
The result is often misunderstanding and mutual incomprehension, but not unbridgeably, as shown by the warm relationship which grows between Gopal and Randy.
Another indicator of the fact that the actions of different fictional texts are set in different worlds of, more precisely, that the action and the world of every fictional text is unbridgeably separated from the actions and the worlds of all other fictional texts, consists in the fact that a fictional text as a rule does not refer to another fictional text (of the same degree).