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Why do I have to go to a store selling gourmet products to find fennel or bright and unbruised baby squash?
When you buy a Far West mushroom, it's perfect: smooth, unbruised, firm, smelling of forest and loam.
How to Choose: Look for unbruised, firm, crisp stalks with the most vivid red color.
This grave perception of friction had the effect of making Benedick's apparently conciliatory lines at the play's conclusion rather less assured than usual: "For thy part, Claudio, I did think to have beaten thee, but in that thou art like to be my kinsman, live unbruised, and love my cousin" (5.
After weeks of non-stop boozing and partying as she tried to appear defiant and unbruised over the split, Katie is now "hibernating" at home on her sofa, comfort eating, sources say.
With all the cheek of an unbruised upstart, he was in the habit of button-holing stars to interview on stage to raise money for his fledgling theatre companies.
Choose the rocket carefully; look for green and unbruised leaves.
She responds: "I want to sing / of death unbruised.
The result is an unbruised gin cocktail, not as cold as the vodka version but also sans ice chips.
Choose an unbruised, smooth and evenly coloured pumpkin.
This method, when done by skilled and experienced growers, ensures that the olive is picked at just the desired degree of ripeness and that it will be unbruised.
These line-caught fish arrive unscathed, their stiff and shiny bodies unbruised and requiring the most tender of treatments.