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This is a big drop in grade and, with the switch to Polytrack unlikely to pose any problem, Unbuckled might offer value against several runners from bigger yards.
While the number of unbuckled fatalities has decreased from last year, there was still a significant number of heartbreaking cases reported," said Acting State Police Commissioner Marcus L.
None of us would purposefully crash our cars into a wall with our kids unbuckled in the back seat, now would we?
Cody unbuckled his sister and helped her into the back seat, where he thought an air pocket would form and buy them some time to make their escape.
when Williams unbuckled her safety belt, opened the van's door and jumped into the left hand lane, Hastings said.
He'll still insist it was P Charles in a sidecar, on a motorcycle driven by the late Queen Mum with HM riding side saddle while her husband abseiled through the Merc's windows, unbuckled Diana's seatbelt, poured booze down the chauffeur's throat and banged the car into a pillar.
Both Hondas have scored maximum points for their Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) systems which provide a clear visual and audible warning when an occupant is unbuckled.
While considering making it mandatory for passengers in back seats to fasten their seat belts, the NPA will promote a campaign to raise public awareness of the issue, as fatality ratios for those unbuckled in the back in case of accidents quadrupled compared to those who buckled last year.
BUCKLE UP: Backseat passengers using seat belts were 2 to 3 times more likely to survive than were unbuckled ones.
A driver whose life was saved by a seatbelt was shocked to hear that police have caught twice as many people unbuckled this year as last year.
She's soon running out on landlords, driving across the country - seat belt unbuckled - drinking beer, and encouraging cowboys she picks up to beat Jeremiah for bed-wetting.