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If loved ones are away from home, we keep in touch, maybe unburdening our worries, maybe asking for advice, maybe telling them how much we appreciate their support, maybe telling them how much we love them, or maybe a quick cry for help, or a word of thanks.
Leon confronts Lucy who admits to having an abortion, but Ian stops her from unburdening herself to Jane.
Among these, though perhaps not named as such, is the "unburdening" of the parents--an attempt to relieve them of misplaced guilt.
Residents of Seattle and New York City got some help unburdening themselves of such items from an unlikely source.
When a long-established holiday company can not find a way of unburdening the Dales at such a devastating time, it is truly a sorry state of affairs.
On the contrary, Heinsius' compendium aimed to simplify Aristotle's theory and render it more accessible, unburdening it of more than half a century of the learned commentary (mostly by Italians) it had accrued.
The administration is unburdening the FBI and the CIA of former constraints and refocusing them away from traditional crimes to political "crimes" and spying.
"But it's not a case of getting 'on the couch' and unburdening yourself.
Morris pursues various schemes for unburdening himself of the store.