uncalled for

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New Delhi [India], Dec 16 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi on Saturday said Rahul Gandhi tearing into the government during his first speech as Congress President was uncalled for.
is escalation of provocation is uncalled for as it merely creates much more tension between Russia and the European Union.
I FOUND the letter from Royston Jones to claim that the sick and elderly move to Wales to be treated in our hospitals was uncalled for.
And as for the amount of cans and bottles left, that's uncalled for.
TOP Gear presenters, please stick to reviewing cars instead of slagging off Mexico and its people - it's uncalled for.
On a different note, Ehab has denied circulating rumors that he intends on resigning and considered the rumor an uncalled for lie that serves no purpose.
This remark, with its homophobic connotations, is completely wrong and totally uncalled for.
The "anxiety" of some Lebanese about Palestinian arms inside and outside refugee camps in Lebanon is uncalled for, a senior Lebanon-based Palestinian official stated, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Sunday.
The Celtic manager said: "Last week I said something flippant in an uncalled for remark about Scottish sports journalists and I'd like to put the record right and apologise to every professional sports journalist out there - but two in particular who wrote the story.
Laura's sometime-boyfriend, a cop named Jay (Jay Johnston), by way of flirting, informs her, ``I believe the Holocaust was completely uncalled for.
It was completely uncalled for, completely unnecessary, and at the end of the day garnished no one except for the attorneys.
His clapping the ref against Valencia was stupid and uncalled for.