uncalled for

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New Delhi [India], Dec 16 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi on Saturday said Rahul Gandhi tearing into the government during his first speech as Congress President was uncalled for.
When you play Test cricket these shots are highly uncalled for.
Describing one's fellow North Easterners as "lumpen great northern oafs" and "old folk" as "people with barely a dozen brain cells between them", followed by "stupid oiks", is insulting and uncalled for.
Rafeeq said that some elements in the medical profession were instigating nurses to take to the streets for uncalled for reasons through hooliganism, which will not be allowed to succeed.
It was so uncalled for and I've never had anything so humiliating happen to me.
Stop all the uncalled for meetings and the councillors' pay and expenses before they start reducing the street cleaning in the city.
Observers said that what the village official forced the woman to do was excessive and uncalled for.
HAFIZABAD -- Class-IV employees, paramedical staff and clerks of the District Headquarters Hospital Hafizabad observed strike and sit-in demonstration for more than six hours to protest against the uncalled for attitude of lady Doctor Nazia and Dr.
The extreme and uncalled for dependence on foreign workers has economic, social, security and legal implications," said Zeyani.
is escalation of provocation is uncalled for as it merely creates much more tension between Russia and the European Union.
I FOUND the letter from Royston Jones to claim that the sick and elderly move to Wales to be treated in our hospitals was uncalled for.
And as for the amount of cans and bottles left, that's uncalled for.