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abstain from all false, or deceptious readings; and from all uncandid omissions of any qualifications" of the legal doctrines relied upon.
And she laughed until she cried over "Dickens's very uncandid but most irresistible account of the spirit-manifestations, in Household Words" (p.
226, 233) and almost certainly uses questionable tactics most often, cries foul about delegates who try to make spectators "intimidated by imaginary dangers" and to lead their minds "away by unfair misrepresentations and uncandid suggestions" (Elliot, 1891, p.
But your Review of my Letters on education, is so uncandid and unfair it contains so many misrepresentations and is sketched over in so slovenly a manner it compels me .
Gregory noted that this capacity could be taxing for the sleeper because `sceptical, unreasonable, prejudiced, uncandid persons often excite by their approach, the most unpleasant, often distressing sensation' (pp.
But this is what we expect of an uncandid, meretricious, double-dealing government (62).