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Your Uncannily Magical Live Art Comedy Experience will unfold over four monthly episodes.
A talented multi-instrumentalist proficient on guitar, violin and piano, Youngblood has an approach to the music that takes on an uncannily spiritual texture.
His new series of photographs, "Everything Is American," again makes clear that a lighter touch and less hyperbolic material do not necessarily preclude the creation of uncannily perverse and compelling images.
Written in Dundee and recorded in sunny Spain, the feelgood factor is high as they breeze through Roger McGuinn-inspired Always There, Michael Stipe soundalike Your Enemy, and Moanin' Face - the latter with a vocal uncannily like Eagles frontman Don Henley.
Cagliostro shows Daniel an old Roman coin engraved with a profile which uncannily resembles Daniel's.
Oh yeah, we threw a sample of pro's signs in there just to show how uncannily accurate our star readings are.
Perhaps not unexpectedly, as it becomes harder to distinguish the real from the digital, the effect is uncannily like the seductive computer-generated renderings that help to fix architecture in the public imagination.
De Gaulle's government put forward in the early 1960s a plan, the Fouchet plan, that uncannily prefigured the Chirac-Schroeder plan for an intergovernmental political union in effect an anti-democratic superstate run by France and Germany with small countries squashed.
To be fair, the software was uncannily good at distinguishing between commands and dictation.
Like fictional sleuths Blanche White, Mall Anderson and Tamara Hayle, Georgia uncannily seems to find herself in the thick of a murder mystery.
Her essay, published in Peacework: Oral Histories of Women Peace Activists (Twayne, 1991), is uncannily relevant to the current blendings of supplication, pseudo-patriotism, and militarism: "Christians through the centuries would pray that they would win the war, as though it were possible that you could win a war.