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I was about to congratulate myself upon the miracle which had saved me for the moment, when the memory of the hypnotic powers of the Mahars filled me with apprehension lest they be practicing their uncanny art upon me to the end that I merely imagined that I was alone in the temple.
I knew that I could meet death bravely enough if it but came in the form of some familiar beast or man--anything other than the hideous and uncanny Mahars.
From his upturned mouth there issued a series of frightful shrieks; uncanny shrieks that swept, shrill and terrifying, across the city's walls, over the heads of the besiegers, and out across the forest to the uttermost confines of the valley.
With an uncanny likeness to the loveable clown, Flynn has been afforded the opportunity to recreate the soul of his hero.
IN HIS ESSAY "The Uncanny," Freud describes unheimlich "forms of ego-disturbance" as a "harking-back .
Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, though, and this letter had the uncanny ability to bring death to those who saw it and talked about it.
Work by other researchers over the years has shown that stearic acid has an uncanny capacity to lower cholesterol.
Pam not only has the great respect of her fellow farm broadcasters, but she has an uncanny way of relating to rural people," Jerry Apps, Wisconsin author and rural historian, is quoted as saying in the article.
Instinct clashes with consciousness, and consciousness stalls: at the uncanny confidence of the body, the uncanny evaporation of desire at unpredictable points, the uncanny revival of old insecurities.
Freud includes Jentsch's insight in his conception of the uncanny as a "return of the repressed," focusing attention on those circumstances in which the other's simultaneous strangeness and familiarity--his "is different from my is" as Vardaman calls it (A/LD 56)--belongs in "that class of the frightening which leads back to what is known of old and long familiar" (220).
Kotcheff, who had never heard of Dreyfuss when he gave him the role, thinks that the key to his performance is Dreyfuss's uncanny ability to "translate his intellectual understanding into very visceral and emotional acting.
Robert Fife of the National Post reported an uncanny resemblance between the $120 million advertising campaign of the Liberal government now underway and the five pillars of Paul Martin's election campaign (April 17, 04).