uncared for

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And most of these children grow up unloved and uncared for and adults become involved in anti-social activities.
The greatest disease today is not TB or leprosy, it is being unwanted and uncared for.
Including snowberry, brachyglottis and Oregon grape, these shrubs are a common sight in car parks, but have fallen out of favour as, if uncared for, they can become woody and misshapen.
In some of the most primitive spots, they found beautiful, clean communities where, despite the lack of material things, no one ever went hungry or uncared for.
What I've found is the guns tend to be uncared for while in custody and are often scarred up with evidence marks and handling nicks and scratches and such.
A part of the land has already slipped into the river and the rest lies forgotten and uncared for.
Summary: Insects feast on notes worth Rs200,000 stashed in donation box as it was left uncared for in the past four years
Plot elements parallel each other--the failing health of parents or grandparents, farms uncared for, and teens forced to support their families rather than pursue their educations.
It is due to this uncared for and irresponsible childhood that we see youth emerging as vandals, rowdies and rogues indulging in anti social activities.
Untreated, left to go hungry, uncared for, hundreds of people died unnecessary deaths in Mid Staffs.
We see a concentration of wealth capturing power and leaving ordinary people voiceless and their interests uncared for.
Summary: Dr Chedly Maksoudi volunteered to participate in the Citizens' Jury for health because he was concerned that health services were distributed unevenly between different regions of Tunisia: "The inequality of the system leaves people uncared for and that is simply unacceptable.