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These are few in many of the passions that have also been accomplished despite the uncatholic motifs and intentions of our educational system or admission management in our tertiary institutions.
quotes with deep dismay some reactionary and "uncatholic" items from the 1997 catechism of the Society of Saint Pius X, and he prays that God be gracious to the Church, the pope, and the bishops.
(103.) "Whither UnCatholic Feminism Leads," Month 121 (January 1913): 88-89; and "The Catholic Women's Suffrage Society," 302-3.
Several months before, Ferdinand and Isabella, in a most uncatholic move, proclaimed an edict that expelled from Spain all Jews who would not convert to Catholicism.
Catholic Insight was dismayed because this draft was so "unCatholic." It contained huge quantities of prayers not selected or composed by the Vatican, and copious "pastoral notes" from the Canadian National Office of Liturgy on how to celebrate Mass.
Catholics, we find, are more American (making up their own minds) and more unCatholic (less submissive to church teaching) than ever.
They are full of bad writing and the story selection is limited, unimaginative, uncatholic. Both are deficiencies of editors.
I laugh or chuckle when I encounter ignorant attributions of uncatholic motifs and intentions to Oby's service and actions by the children of anger.