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The fielders were not attempting to turn a double play, and the ball dropping uncaught was inadvertent.
snare uncaught?" (Antony and Cleopatra, 4.8.16-18).
Yet when it comes to crime detection, the political cost of interpretability, measured in crimes unprevented and criminals uncaught, may well be quite high, thus making a black box ASA a far more attractive option.
His weekly introductions to the TV shows, most of them scripted by Jimmy Allardice, were meant to play up to this image as well as to provide a way of ironically moralizing a great many of the episodes which would otherwise have fallen foul of network and sponsors by showing murderers and other criminals too sympathetically, or allowing them to escape uncaught and unpunished.
With one delivery left in his first six-over burst he had conceded 28 runs and drawn a single meaningful edge that went uncaught.
Conditions are perfect for disorientation and a single bad decision can easily go uncaught. IFR troubles at night frequently involve unseen weather or illusions during the visual segment of an approach.
Gaggles of sorority girls flat on their backs, absorbing sunlight, impervious to the proximity of the uncaught Frisbee, the tornadoes of kicked-up sand, the sky, the day, aware only of the glow of their serene radiance.
A lyric written in 1791 begins with the poet defending herself from charges of heartlessness: "Uncaught by [Love's] fetters I carelessly rove / And tho' I have seen, I've not bowed to its sway." (35) "Untouched by love's power" she indulges in conversation, flirtation, and--most importantly--poetic composition.
In the words of Cleopatra, Antony is: "Lord of Lords, / O infinite virtue, com'st thou smiling from / The great world's great snare uncaught?" (IV.8.16-18).
appreciated, what though some of the richness spills uncaught over the
Students feel they are able to get away with such behavior because they go uncaught by both parents and teachers.