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The Creator is not a thing among things, not a cause among causes, however true it is to say that the Creator is the Uncaused Cause.
Freedom is subject to the problem of the Third Antimony only if it be misconstrued in causal terms as an uncaused cause and if objectivity be reduced to a mechanism.
Likewise, you cannot make every cause of behavior be a controlling agent by calling it one, nor can you prove the unreality or undesirability of freedom by redefining it as uncaused and so unintelligible behavior.
It was only the problem of causation that moved the philosophers to agree about the possibility of freedom while retaining the causality, since an uncaused event or action makes no sense to them.
Maybe I should pray, offer a plea and reach out to that mysterious God, the unmoved mover, the uncaused substance.
If we do not want to bring in actual experience analyzed inductively, all that I see pure logic providing us is the knowledge that there must be one uncaused (or "unconditioned") cause in the universe that is eternal, a "ground of all being.
If we lived in such a world (or indeed, if such a world can even be conceived of) it would be truly miraculous if there existed an "objective" method for predicting uncaused events.
Craig then suggests that the causal agent must itself be uncaused and eternal, and be a 'personal agent'.
Like Dr Wieland and many other Christians, I agree it is plausible to assert that the creation of the universe cannot be explained without God or a Supreme Being (in philosophical terms: the ultimate cause, the uncaused cause).
the alleged ability to act uncaused by anything other than one's
The assumption is that "motion and rest are attributes of nature" (James, 70), a doctrine that is aptly represented in the theories of the Unmoved Mover and the Uncaused Cause.
According to quantum physics, particles can be in two different places at the same time and utterly random, uncaused events occur.