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After a marriage split, a custody battle and an unceremonious axing from your job The Only Way Is Essex.
Chairman of Russian State Duma's International Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev also said on Wednesday that Washington policy toward Venezuela and latest statements made by US President Donald Trump represent direct and unceremonious interference into the affairs of a sovereign state.
KARACHI -- Former Asian under-21 runner-up Mohammad Majid Ali fought his way into the quarter-finals as former national champion Mohammad Bilal made unceremonious exit in the last-32 round of the IBSF 6-Reds Snooker Championship in the Egyptian city of Marsa Alam on Friday.
Elaborating on the parliamentary meeting, he said the party leaders deliberated on Shehbaz's unceremonious arrest by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
It was announced on the second anniversary of Cyrus' unceremonious salving by the Tatas as the group chairman.
Islamabad: In the aftermath of the unceremonious exit of the top-ranking economist, Dr Atif Mian, who belongs to minority Ahmadi community, from Prime Minister Imran Khan's Economic Advisory Council (EAC), prominent names in the country have spoken out against the government's move.
MAJ's vision for Pakistan went into hibernation when First Constituent Assembly constituted by Quaid-e-Azam was dismissed on 24 October 1954 alongwith unceremonious sacking of Maulvi Tamizuddin, who was MAJ's choice of Deputy President and succeeded him as President of assembly.
The country's political history is marred by frequent coups, assassinations and the unceremonious ouster of leaders either by the military or a powerful judiciary.
He shook hands with staff and waved to clapping onlookers, his warm exit a stark contrast to the unceremonious departure of so many prior senior Trump aides.
'As a result, most of these ships in the NN's inventory at the time did not attain their service life before their unceremonious decommissioning.
If there was one glaring revelation made during the Senate hearing last Monday on the controversial PN frigate deal was the 'unceremonious' relief of the former Flag-Officer-in-Command (FOIC) for insubordination.
Her spot was clinched in a most unceremonious fashion: It became mathematically secured on a night when she wasn't even at the track, and instead was alone doing laundry at the Olympic Training Center that she's called home for years.