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7) Unpaid taxes are a liability and challenges by a tax authority to an enterprise's uncertain tax positions are fundamentally about whether an asset (i.
The identity of the latter translator is uncertain, as the only extant manuscript, Varicano Chigiano L.
The researchers did, however, calculate some simple dose estimates, and the results of those estimates suggest that consuming organic products may reduce a child's exposure level to below the Environmental Protection Agency's chronic reference doses for various OP pesticides, shifting exposures from a range of uncertain risk to a range of negligible risk.
Volunteers opted for uncertain responses only when confronted with a narrow range of frequencies that nearly matched the target tone.
Given a complex choreographic base, An Uncertain Hour could probably have been successfully realized.
Experts are uncertain how far north they will travel.
Adopting the Service's position, the Tax Court ruled that, prior to the district court's 1991 decision, Exxon's claim was unenforceable, because it was uncertain if the royalty owners were liable.
However, the bill's prospects for passage remain uncertain because it would result in a projected revenue loss," Wiesner said.
Eclipses are important, because in distant Pluto's case, the images -- which by now have been made with a charge-coupled-device camera, speckle interferometry and other techniques--still leave a lot to be desired, so that even the objects' sizes and the separation between them remain uncertain.
It is uncertain at this time how much money, if any, will be realized by Freedom and its Unit holders from the liquidation of its investments.
It is important to make the distinction between certain or expected outcomes versus uncertain or unexpected "risky" outcomes.
The merger was a way for both agencies to conserve their resources during uncertain financial times since the Sept.