uncertain event

References in classic literature ?
Dorothea checked herself suddenly with self-rebuke for the presumptuous way in which she was reckoning on uncertain events, but she was spared any inward effort to change the direction of her thoughts by the appearance of a cantering horseman round a turning of the road.
In short, the uncertain event describes something that can go wrong.
That season, however, remains an uncertain event, one that could be impacted in so many ways, none of them pleasant to contemplate.
In a brilliant display of foresight, MLBAM leadership offered to share any profits--in the uncertain event that they should ever materialize--equally among all teams in the form of a dividend.
In the case of any uncertain event, law enforcement agents are expected to be proactive to look for a suspect, act quickly, rescue victims, and take precautionary measures for the safety of people.
The rate of occurrence of an uncertain event and the probability of success are low for an individual, although the occurrence of the event is guaranteed (e.
The gain or loss can only be known and estimated at the time of completion or failure of the future and uncertain event.
Can you think clearly while others are casting an uncertain event like a horserace as one with a huge degree of inevitability?
Within the context of a project, risk is commonly associated with an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or a negative effect on the project's objectives or results in unwanted consequences.
In such cases we need to consider the various outcomes that could actually occur, albeit by using a rather simplified three outcomes for each uncertain event.
Therefore, risks occur when either by direct action or circumstances an uncertain event or process impacts a person or business.
A contingent liability is one that depends on an uncertain event, such as the settlement of a lawsuit.