uncertain state

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Anyway, it's an uncertain state of matters, you see.
But the stony one is a gruff one likewise, and that hazy state of his is always an uncertain state, highly conscious of its dignity, and prone to take offence.
Lady Janet--in a highly uncertain state of temper--was obliged to begin.
In this pensive, wayward, and uncertain state, people are apt to lounge and loiter without knowing why, to read placards on the walls with great attention and without the smallest idea of one word of their contents, and to stare most earnestly through shop-windows at things which they don't see.
The impasse that has put the Philippine Basketball Association at an uncertain state could reach a much-awaited resolution by the time the league holds today a press conference to mark the scheduled start of the 43rd season this weekend.
From the penal era, when the Church was a champion, educator and nation-builder for a destitute people, to the terrible revelations of abuse, cover-up, corruption and hypocrisy in recent years, Gay charts the rise to total social domination and its sudden decline to today's uncertain state.
The show is called Limboland - referring to an uncertain state rather than dancing under a low bar - and was hailed as "one of Bailey's best shows for years" when he played the West End.
Won, "Robust memory state feedback model predictive control for discrete-time uncertain state delayed systems," Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol.
The uncertain state of living by your wits is too often forced on so many by a cruel twist in circumstance.
Two stunning developments have left a $1-million dollar trafficking lawsuit in California involving the bakeries of Ana Moitinho de Almeida, her husband Goncalo, and now her father, Philippines Social Security head Juan Santos in an uncertain state with an initial court date a month away in September.
Foremost among them is the uncertain state of mass retailing in America.
The uncertain state of the world economy is also a contributing factor.