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The blanket certification exemption legally allows them to hire uncertified teachers for staple classes like Algebra I or Biology, and even for special education or early childhood classes.
In letters to DTI offices in Negros Oriental, Iloilo and Cebu City, Tan said his group conducted test buys in 21 hardware stores and found a total of 54 angle bars to be substandard and uncertified, meaning they were not tested by government agencies.
Paul Dye, my counterpart at sister publication Kitplanes and an expert on all things in the experimental market, reminded me that the agency can't continue to ignore uncertified EFIS systems.
He further said that under this initiative, uncertified skilled workers are being certified after going through the theory and practical trade examination.
Uncertified steel products, which are widely used in civil engineering in this region, may have negative implications on safety and structural integrity.
Last October, SASSMAPI officials had a meeting with Lina, whom they reminded that uncertified and substandard angle bars should be subject to destruction under the law.
At the same time, as people gained experience with wood heat, they learned to use seasoned firewood and other means of improving efficiency, so that even though many uncertified stoves remain in use, they're often not as smoky as they once were.
The uncertified foundry products, foundry managers say, are mostly imported from such large manufacturers as China and India and the customs authorities have no mechanisms to prevent the import, because the country has not yet developed legislation and established certified laboratories to test the products.
It would be a shared responsibility" to ensure an uncertified teacher is effective," Ms.
Premises that use uncertified equipment can be fined or shut down.
The authority had earlier set August 2012 as the deadline to phase out all uncertified products, which was later extended to the end of 2012.
Any uncertified activities including production, import, sale, distribution and advertisement of nano-based products pertaining to pharmacy, medical equipment, beauty and healthcare, food and beverages, dietary supplements, etc.