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It's important to remember that our UK annual abortion rate is some 200,000, in the main for social convenience, so it is hard to see children in the womb with disability having much chance of surviving the seemingly unchallengeable "Woman's right to choose".
* Differentiation--"the attempts of organizations to establish unchallengeable claims on valued resources by distinguishing their own products or programs from those of competitors" (p.
Advisors believe that online platforms such as "broker check" are opening the door to largely unchallengeable negative reviews while avenues for positive endorsement via sites such as LinkedIn remain off-limits.
What they don't admit to, because the political feasibility isn't there--yet--is observable in the gun laws of every jurisdiction where unchallengeable Democrat majority control exists, places like New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California.
The bank added that the judgment is final and unchallengeable.
Education is not a privilege of the rich and well-to-do class; it is the unchallengeable right of every common children.
The two-term rule, solidly in place after almost two centuries, seemed unchallengeable. But in 1940, faced with epic challenges at home and abroad, the country turned to Franklin D.
Ajou Deng, a member of the ruling party from Aweil East County, said the reception given to Kuel is a repudiation of those who think they wield unchallengeable power.
The decision made on August 31 granted universal suffrage in the selection of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's chief executive on the basis of nomination by a "broadly representative" committee, it said, adding that the decision possesses unchallengeable legal status and authority.
Allow yourself the opportunity to be reminded of the power of dance, and of Filipino artistry and unchallengeable talent.
Writer Frederick Forsyth on the 'unchallengeable' Brussels machine.
"Our politicians parade, prance, posture and pontificate, but if they do not give us our country back they may within 12 months discover exactly the inside decor of a Jobcentre" - Writer Frederick Forsyth on the "unchallengeable" Brussels machine.