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So now, at least according to the political left that stands to gain unchallengeable power, the expectation that immigration and citizenship laws should serve the interests of a country's citizens is "racist" and "extreme.
THE AOP has appointed an additional employment law specialist whose status as a trade union representative allows the Association to provide its employed members with unchallengeable representation in disciplinary and grievance meetings with their employers.
Meanwhile Transparency International issued a statement on Monday saying the "intention to entrench a privileged position for 'The Big Three' appears to be an abuse of entrusted power for private gain, giving them disproportionate, unaccountable and unchallengeable authority".
But judge Lord Turnbull pointed out he had only changed his plea when faced with unchallengeable scientific evidence of his guilt.
The causation links are both obvious and unchallengeable.
They are already unchallengeable with more than 70 of the 90 seats, with the likelihood of even more in 2014 when the next elections take place.
China's government is divided between legislative, executive, and judicial without a strong separation of powers, he says, and all branches are under the unchallengeable leadership of the Communist Party.
But we should resist the temptation to think that Leeds' problems will translate to a final, legally unchallengeable, decision to save the Freeman unit.
So whoever is in expectation of this unaccountable and unchallengeable political role will hardly be unhappy with the discord in the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission.
One of the most widely-read recent critiques of neoliberal culture, Mark Fisher's very widely-cited Capitalist Realism, analyses the persistence across a range of sites of an attitude which assumes neoliberal capitalist norms to be unchallengeable at the level of actual social or political practice.
As Lord Justice Stanley Burnton said in his judgment: " [It is] the decision of the DPP, which I consider to be lawful and unchallengeable, not to prosecute him here.
22, Morsi issued a new constitutional declaration which rules that all laws, decrees and constitutional declarations issued by the president since he came into office on June 30 are final and unchallengeable by anybody, which triggered a nationwide wave of protests and demonstrations.