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Had the treatment proceeded and she had given birth Mrs Grant would have held unchallengeable legal protection.
The term which closes today finds Rhodri Morgan still reigning supreme and unchallengeable.
Give him the unchallengeable right to amend any of the provisions - at
This time round, society members will be inviting Lady Throckmorton, of Coughton Court, near Alcester, to attend one of the performances - on the unchallengeable grounds, I am told, that she is a direct descendant of one of the people portrayed in Merrie England, namely, Bessie Throckmorton, who married Sir Walter Raleigh.
The message is seemingly unchallengeable - Sinn Fein and the IRA are up to their old terrorist tricks.
Welsh rugby really deserves better than to be run by an amateur body of men who have an apparently omnipotent and, in the current scheme of things, allbut unchallengeable figure at their head.
The impartial judgment and the clear reasoning contained in the decision of the Court of Appeal have acknowledged the overwhelming evidence backing our defenses which were logically unchallengeable.
Without Beckham - or with a match unfit Beckham - he has the perfect, unchallengeable excuse for failure.
This would play into Labour's hands and give it unchallengeable power in Cardiff Bay.
Army's cyclists claimed 214 points to remain unchallengeable in the three-day meet organized by Pakistan Cycling Federation and Punjab Cycling Association.