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Confirming the incident to newsmen, in the wee hours of the night, the Caretaker Chairman of the council area, Zanna Gubio said, the insurgents came in and had their evening prayers unchallenged at about 6:30 pm before razing down houses and public structures.
Another area inspectors highlighted was bullying, which was "unchallenged" by staff.
As the Kikuyu leader, Kenyatta was unchallenged except by JM Kariuki, who, for his challenge, was assassinated in 1975.
Selena Reed was unchallenged in her bid to fulfill the two-year unexpired term, and Roger Cox reelected as Ward 1 councilman.
This defamation will not go unchallenged,aACA[yen] he wrote.
The researchers found that unchallenged mice that received ciprofloxacin alone had no notable aortic destruction.
The other group of 319 clams was kept in an aquarium containing residual clam tissue only for 24 h as unchallenged group.
I felt uncomfortable reading out those words - yet there are people who feel comfortable flinging those words around every day, and when that language goes unchallenged it becomes old hat.
In contrast, the 21 unchallenged mayoralty candidates of NP represent 1,063,696 voters.
From print to internet, Modi has emerged as the unchallenged king of the social media
Daniel Ayala stabbed Boro ahead with 10 minutes left and looked to be heading for a deserved away day victory, until they were caught from a corner four minutes into added time when Kyle Bartley headed home unchallenged.
Loyal bill-payers are charged at a far higher rate, in some cases PS200 more, and loaded with environmental costs than those who switch but the companies responsible go "unchallenged" by Ofgem, he said.