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There is, in Nietzsche's process ontology and in his critique of the generation of moral systems in Toward a Genealogy of Morals, a call for an ethics not built upon the unchangeability of dominant moral strictures.
There is a connection between the de facto unchangeability of our constitutional order and the fact that even well-connected members of the American political elite such as Lloyd Cutler and C.
Put differently, when it comes to Indonesian literature, it seems much more consistent with reality to think in terms of transience, evanescence and fluidity than in terms of fixity and unchangeability, for because of its strong oral orientation, modern Indonesian literature is always much more in a constant state of flux than any of its Western counterparts.
As a modal particle eben expresses "unchangeability," "unavoidability," or "irrevocable fact" as a detailed analysis of the following instances will show.
As I shall show in this paper, a critique of destiny, that is to say, of unchangeability constitutes the subtext of Kracauer's thought on Weimar German film.
Belief in the stable state is belief in the unchangeability, the constancy of central aspects of our lives, or belief that we can attain such constancy.
He dedicates the book to "men and women tormented by homosexual emotions who do not want to live as homosexuals, who want constructive help and support, and who are forgotten, have no voice, and get no answers in our society, which recognizes only the emancipatory homosexual who wants to impose his ideology of normality' and 'unchangeability and thus discriminates aginst those who know or feel that that is a sad lie."
The main drawback of this strategy comes from the fact that the optimum performance is not achievable due to the unchangeability of program memory access pattern.
(16.) Note that this unchangeability has nothing to do with whether race is somehow "immutable" in any biological sense: race is considered here only as a legal concept, not a biological fact.
Compliance however should not imply the absence of discretion in how it should be achieved or when it should be insisted upon, nor should its implementation assume the unchangeability or cultural invariability of its interpretation and application.
The concept of truth in Opus Dei implies unchangeability, and what was usual in Escriva's childhood has been preserved as the eternal way of doing things(26) (for instance: mass must be in Latin, the altar must be located in front of parishioners, women must wear veils, boys and girls must be raised separately).(27) To avoid any changes, Escriva banned all translations of the statutes from Latin.
They are all in need of redemption and renewal, that is, they need to be freed from perversion and brought back to what they genuinely are, back from separateness to distinctiveness, from unchangeability to continuity.