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When applying the unchangeable mathematic truth to searching the morality and the meaning of the world, neither the Pythagoreans, nor Augustine can avoid studying music which is measured numbers moving in the temporal realm.
Short assures that by re-viewing your life, happiness and fulfillment are attainable even in difficult and unchangeable circumstances.
Blockchain is an alternative ledger database that maintains a continuously growing list of transaction records that are considered permanent and unchangeable, and is increasingly becoming the destination platform for financial services companies.
The United States follows specific unchangeable regulations and procedures ruled by federal laws, the Kuwaiti senior diplomat said, adding that work is currently underway to speed up the return of the students to their country.
During the meeting, the Russian envoy declared that his country supports legitimacy in Yemen and that this position is unchangeable as Russia is keen to see a united, secure and stable Yemen.
The Undersecretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul Ghani al Naeem, has affirmed that Sudan has a clear and unchangeable position with regard to total rejection of the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) which he stressed is but a political tool for imposing the agenda and hegemony of some influential western countries on Third World countries and on African countries in particular.
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It's an education into the various ways we have to make decisions, realign our priorities and seek happiness with unforeseen and unchangeable impediments changing the future we expected for ourselves.
Holding onto orthodoxy, orthopraxy and bearers of absolute, unchangeable applications of truth was the mindset of St.
Nobody has the magic to change things when things are unchangeable.
I read with interest the article "The unchangeable fact of life" (Dec.