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Besides unchangeableness, Augustine has another way of expressing this manner in which God exists: God is "simple" (simplex).
Moreover, in Levine as in Bagehot, unchangeableness was associated with "complacency" (81; cf.
Marx spoke of "the unchangeableness of Asiatic societies, an unchangeableness in such striking contrast with the dissolution and refounding of Asiatic states, and the never-ceasing changes of dynasty".
For modern logic, which no longer excludes categories of time and history, "identity" does not mean the unchangeableness and immutability of something given.
Hence, it is reasonable to argue that drug policy exists in the kind of system where discontinuous change occurs, and that the decades of stability are more reflective of homeostatic processes within the system than of any inherent unchangeableness in drug policy.
Through desire and work, the slave negates, as empty abstractions, his consciousness first of divine unchangeableness, then of all universal notions of Spirit.
Such intervention, as they perceived it, was derogatory to God's omnipotence and unchangeableness.