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The Head of State thanked President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and all members of the European Commission for this decisive step of support, which is a recognition of our progress in reforms and a signal of the EU's unchanging solidarity with Ukraine.
Not only is The Unchanging infused with inspiration and gratitude, but it's also blessed with wonderful grooves and De Lory's captivating voice.
Watson shows how Ramakantha drew upon both arguments used by the Buddhists to deny the existence of a self posited by other schools of philosophy and the doctrine of the Buddhist Yogacara epistemological school that cognition of objects includes self awareness (svasomvedana), to argue that a self exists as permanent and unchanging cognition of objects.
Contrary to popular perception, the brain is actually a plastic organ which can alter its own structure and function even into old age--and the science of neuroplasticity challenges the idea that the adult brain is fixed and unchanging.
String theory, as normally formulated, is "background-dependent," treating space and time as an unchanging stage (albeit a rather exotic one--the theory requires multiple dimensions, which are assumed to be unseen because they are too small).
it is of universal application, unchanging, everlasting .
In any case, ethnic identity, whatever its forms, does not have its roots in unchanging race or immutable tradition, and is inseparable from change and its historical and literary invention.
Instead of seeing faith in Christ as a possession, an unchanging thing, Paul sees faith as something that drives us ahead into the future Christ has revealed.
Men whose hearts beat faster over time are likely to die earlier than those whose hearts maintain an unchanging cadence year after year, according to a 20-year study of French police officers.
In this environment, we cannot expect to work in an unchanging state or in what Keirsey (2003) called a state of "equilibrium" (p.
And one of the ways they can affect their own survival and derive their own meaning is by understanding the laws of nature, which are unchanging.
I Ching The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth