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Despite the buildings' reliance on technology, materials, and skills, certain essentialism about these mosques continues to hold the space of Islam (or for that matter Muslim cultures) as fixed and presents it as either unchangingly distinct from the 'West' or identical everywhere in the 'East.
Yes, the unchangingly over-rated Premiership is back and only the strong will survive 10 months of hype and hysteria
Richard John Neuhaus (he has a beautiful, rich radio voice) who said without qualification that the church has always and unchangingly maintained a tolerance for the death penalty.
endlessly and unchangingly snapping at the Carthaginians, sets up a
I remember the formal dinners, the parties and the drinking sessions unchangingly anti-regime in nature (Jan drank in moderation, and he also had a moderately good head for drink; a quarter liter would see him clinging to women with a rather, let's say, indelicate gaze.
But it goes further in faulting Okochi's notion of an unchangingly traditional workforce as key to a single-factor analysis that ignores labour's interaction with company management and the state.
As earlier sections of this article have indicated, quite contrary to the illusion of permanence created by recorded data collections, self-constructs are by no means stable entities that, once defined, persist unchangingly through time; rather, they constitute fluid and flexible creations that continually adapt to changed circumstances and environments.
These "value-adding chains operate under conditions in which the ability to change is as important or even more important than the ability to be unchangingly efficient," he said.
Small and sandy, the Town Beach used to be the better option but came complete with holidaymakers intent on replaying endless cassettes of the 'Tony Blackburn Show' and singing dull drinking songs, the conclusion unchangingly the 'Sooty Show' theme.
Though Skocpol writes as though these three imperatives apply unchangingly to all states, in fact their severe conjunction applies only in a Hobbesian world in which violent international conflict is a normal feature and the economic resource base available to states is more or less fixed.
Whatever internal changes the harp statements may undergo in and of themselves, they are unchangingly based on the external principle of a repeating four-measure phrase (2 + 2) whose two-beat extension serves continually to realign its metrical placing - so that the second such phrase will begin not on the first beat of the following measure but the third, the next on the fifth, then the second, and finally the fourth.