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Defense attorney Kevin Halvorsen reiterated his opposition to letting the uncharged victim testify, saying the state has not given him any documentation as to where and when the texting took place.
Uncharged misconduct in aggravation may be admissible if it is part of a "continuous course of conduct" related to the charged offenses.
Uniform electric fields do not affect uncharged molecules.
Ashcroft is again using a convenient minority as a hostage shield in order to deflect the severe criticism directed at him as he shreds the Constitution and Bill of Rights and allows the remnants to be used as wipes for the hands of the FBI as uncharged detainees are interrogated incommunicado in secret locations without benefit of legal counsel.
"We also manufacture various types of charged modified and uncharged cellulose pre-coat fibers and supply a full grade range of diatomaceous earth."
Naidoo, a white South African who was once detained for eight weeks in solitary confinement, uncharged, because of her anti-apartheid activities, charts the bravery of whites, blacks and coloureds who tried to rid their beautiful country of political and social oppression.
For over three centuries, the business successfully produced hand-printed wallpaper from an unparalleled archive of blocks that date from the 1700s; still pressed into service on 19th-century machinery, in surroundings that remained uncharged since the day the firm was founded in 1875.
The struggle is not the result of flawed logic, but reflects a difference of opinion regarding the degree of similarity required in light of the possible unfair prejudice the defendant may suffer when the jury is informed of the uncharged act(s).
Because dissolved heavy metal ions are positively charged, and coffee contains uncharged and negatively charged molecules, the metal ions might be taken out of solution by binding to negatively charged molecules in the coffee grounds.
each of these acts thus carried the designation of "uncharged crimes
The reference samples were prepared by pouring a layer of uncharged powder through a sieve.