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These largely ask participants to reflect on whether they engage in certain behaviours that are the result of external cues to eating, a pattern that some uncharitably label mindless eating'.
Sadly, the lower half of the list contains many of the countries that one might uncharitably refer to as "the usual cast of suspects.
1995) (noting that one commentator rather uncharitably terms proximate cause "concise gibberish") (citing David Mellinkoff, The Language of the Law 401 (1963)).
FOR HALF A CENTURY, progressive Democrats have clung to a fantasy that might uncharitably be described as Waiting for Lefty.
These perspectives are naive, he went on to say somewhat uncharitably, but useful, for "they supply simpletons with a world outlook" (Adorno, 1978, p 238).
The first residents were uncharitably described as "inmates" and were bound by a rigorous set of rules: rowdy behaviour and drunkeness were forbidden, only approved furniture was allowed and residents had to be at home by 10pm.
Guilty) Or even a Tesco/Orla Kiely charity bag for life which you uncharitably almost fought a little old lady to get a hold of.
Uncharitably, they would accuse them of Pollyannaish naivete, if not downright malice.
Most of us, whether or not we are part of what one wag rather uncharitably dubbed "the chattering classes," realize that matters are not so simple.
By insisting that Iden will betray him and collect the king's reward, Cade blows his cover as a "stray" and provokes the landlord (a man reluctant to treat the poor uncharitably or "to combat a poor famish'd man") to fight him in his own defense (44).
Second, when Chung does deal with dissenting scholars, he tends to read their ideas uncharitably.
He hopes to trade one woman, presumably his estranged third wife, uncharitably modeled after Martha Gellhorn (Kert 458), for a more beautiful and younger woman, a troubadour's wish that in all likelihood Hemingway himself shared.