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He lies fourth on the greens in regulations statistics and will approach the unchartered track in Spain this week without any fear.
The new technology allows LEDs to work effectively in the unchartered territory of higher wattages that are far beyond anything available from any other company in the world," said Ir Ooi Seoh Lin, chief marketing officer of ecoNoon.
30AM: Donncha O'Callaghan admits the fear of returning home at this stage of the World Cup fuels his desire to ensure Ireland enter unchartered territory.
It has stepped into unchartered territory and reached out to bloggers to give them a DTH experience that was unseen hitherto.
fly fishermen once dreamed of unchartered Atlantic salmon fisheries in the one-time Soviet Socialist Republics.
Since being dumped by her boyfriend (for her best friend), Neilly is alone and floundering in unchartered waters.
Secondly, it could be a sign that the economy is heading back into a second period of contraction which will be unchartered water where the consulting industry is concerned.
The first award to be presented at the luxurious Park Lane Hilton went to the Playstation 3 title Unchartered 2: Among Thieves, which was given for best action.
There is no denying that the commercial real estate industry has settled in unchartered territory in terms of the challenges that have to be overcome in order to close a deal in the current unstable financial landscape," commented Schultz.
This book provides insights on iseveral leading edgei investors who are anticipating the social conscious shift and are able to guide potential stakeholders into the new unchartered economy.
DR JOHN Woodward is currently working in one of the earth's last unchartered territories.