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Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb 24 ( ANI ): The Lucknow division bench of Allahabad High Court has pulled up Uttar Pradesh Prinicipal Secretary (Home) Arvind Kumar for the unchecked noise pollution from loudspeakers at religious and public places.
Twin-cities highways where this dangerous practice continues unchecked include Murree Road, Kashmir Highways, 9th avenue, 7th avenue, Committee Chowk, Nawaz Sharif Park road and Islamabad Expressway.
But my biggest fear is that, unchecked, Tory cuts will hit places like Scotland hardest.
He said: "Sadly, dementia will have an even greater impact as, in the future, the risk of dementia increases as people live longer, and the emotional, social and economic burden we all will face if this threat is left unchecked will be catastrophic.
Because it's clear that our MPs fail to understand the clearly-expressed demand of the people for a halt to unchecked immigration.
Unchecked and unbalanced; presidential power in a time of terror.
The inclusion of the book's illustrator, friend and celebrated artist Alexis Rockman, who collects animal scat for pigment and smokes a lot of marijuana, keeps it humorous, and the detailed accounts of the habitats, from underwater expanse to lush rainforest, draw a vivid picture of the world where the tiger once roamed and the dangers of both encroaching pests (like feral cats and foxes) and unchecked logging.
Troublingly, several legislative proposals, including that of Senate Judiciary Chair Arlen Specter, contain what seemed to be unchecked license for spying with no oversight.
Stevens is an original novel inspired by the raging battle between unchecked development and private land owners, and the ongoing disappearance of agricultural and beachfront lands.
Using computer models and weather reports, Wotawa and his colleagues pinned down the source of the cesium: the fires that typically rage unchecked through the boreal forests of Siberia, Alaska, and northern Canada.
Jaffer argues that since the disclosure of the NSA program his clients have been hampered in their communications with sources abroad, who may fear their confidential conversations will be subject to "indiscriminate, unchecked government surveillance.