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`I have much been uncheerful', he recorded on 28 September 1589, `yet now by occasion of a communion I brak through these bondes, & setting my selfe to teach & prepare my family, as my selfe also, I received grace to recover my strength & courage, & am this morning in good ease, having made peace betwixt the lord & my soule'.(76) For a later generation of puritans, the sacrament represented an even more potent means of emotional release.
But for all its elegance and clarity of thought, or perhaps because of them, there is a stangely rigid, uncheerful feeling about the insides of building.
And then a tectonic shift in Crying Girl's stance on cheating on uncheerful Charlie.
The schedule of famous customers is an impressive enough dictionary of biography on its own: William IV, Charles Dickens, Thomas de Quincey (who had to be put up in the ballroom), Nathaniel Hawthorne (who thought the place "uncheerful"), Benjamin Disraeli, the Beatles, Tony Hancock, Niccolo Paganini and Charles Darwin.
This is Tarantino's ambitious homage to all those cheap and uncheerful kung fu films he watched incessantly as a movie-obsessed geek working in a Californian video store.
Just as in the perfect novel the good end happily and the bad unhappily so too with a comprehensive spending review: the Government MPs look cheerful and the opposition MPs look uncheerful.