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13) Tuyen's desire to pick and choose her relationships reflects the contemporary notion of "cosmopolitanism" as a matter of mobility and choice, representing a denial of unchosen relationality (kinship relations) as much as an act of agency.
The great unorganized masses must tell the President and Congress that they are sick of being dominated by their unchosen rulers.
An Objection--That Race and Sex are Unchosen and Unchangeable Characteristics
To really help women avoid unchosen pregnancies is a very complex problem.
Much like in the case of neonaticide, filicidal mothers are presumed to have experienced motherhood as positive suffering and behaved deviantly, instead of recognizing them as women who may have experienced motherhood as unchosen, negative suffering.
In fact, it's the opposite of critical interpretation, because there's no interest in the degree to which suburban life is a mixture of chosen and unchosen circumstance--there is simply a disdain for the people who live there and their allegedly unbookish ways (another error: book reading is higher per capita in Australia than the UK, whatever importance one may place on that as a measure of the good life).
The resourceful Molly persuades her half-sister and cousin to flee their unchosen home and evade all attempts at capture in the inhospitable outback terrain, even though the authorities - headed by AO Neville, the government's Chief Protector of the Aborigines (Kenneth Branagh) - is on their trail.
One variant sees its core in the idea that no citizen ought to be worse off on account of unchosen inequalities.
One view, labeled the "brute luck" account, relies heavily on the intuition that all unchosen disadvantages are undeserved inequalities.
We tend to praise people more for their unchosen, abiding personal characteristics, for example, than for their freely chosen actions.
Bush and fellow Republicans have now accepted the moral premise of the Democrats: that you have an unchosen obligation to support anyone whose needs are greater than your own.
They are desperately trying to chip away at the notion that homosexuality is unchosen because once most people accept it as involuntary, their broader political argument is so much weaker.