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God alone, "uncircumscribed," and the one "who fill[s] / Infinitude, nor vacuous space," remains free "To act or not" and thus remains unbounded by such vicissitudes brought by "Necessity and Chance." Depicted as boundless, then, Milton's God creates through circumscription, setting the foot of the golden compass down in chaos "to circumscribe / This universe and all created things." Employing the image of a mathematical tool, Raphael presents creation as primarily a process of establishing parameters that mark distinctly separated fields ("Thus far extend, thus far thy bounds, / This be thy just circumference, O world"), and, in doing so.
These tumors are usually uncircumscribed, and they exhibit an infiltrative pattern into adjacent soft tissues, skeletal muscle, nerves, and even vessels.
Unlike conventional schwannomas, they are uncircumscribed, infiltrate around and between individual crypts, and lack cellular atypia, a lymphoid cuff, and prominent Verocay bodies (11, 12) (Figure 1, C).
Scripture in Samson Agonistes," in Uncircumscribed Mind: Reading
318, 320 (1987) (rejecting any cost-based defense, even in disparate impact cases, in favor of an uncircumscribed antidiscrimination right).
The White House called it "unnecessary,'' presumably because he has an uncircumscribed "executive authority'' to alter laws.
uncircumscribed by prudence, they involve even the virtuous in
"A few characters live in history uncircumscribed by time or place," she wrote; yet we always manage to think of these characters in modern terms, as though they were "as vital and as modern as ourselves."
Nor should one skirt past the elusive and slippery nature of concepts like "Respectability" and "Beauty'--or "Imagination," a concept which as early as the eighteenth century Joseph Addison lamented for being "vague" and of a "loose and uncircumscribed sense" (qtd.
FISA leaves the president uncircumscribed in targeting aliens or Americans abroad for electronic surveillance or physical searches, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia, or otherwise.
'The Lady in the Looking-Glass' thus exemplifies the modernist principles Woolf outlines in her essay 'Modern Fiction' (1921), in which she advocates the presentation of 'this varying, this unknown and uncircumscribed spirit' of personal consciousness, rather than 'the alien and external', the dry events of a life (189).
(7) I mention these genre conventions both to suggest the difficulty of deploying uncircumscribed notions of traditional indigeneity and to draw attention to the metaphoric nature of these colonialist projections.