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It is the story of a beautiful, wealthy, middle-class girl called Ellen Percy who attracts the affections of an older family friend, the worthy Mr Maitland, but then alienates him through her pride, frivolity, and prolonged, uncircumspect flirtation with the handsome young aristocrat Lord Frederick.
No model for schoolboys, it is, to borrow Leigh Fermor's epithet for Robert Byron, "uncircumspect"--a prolix, run-on, spendthrift style, rife with exclamation marks and polysyndeton.
It was the beginning of the Reagan Epoch, an epoch that was fundamentally grounded on a rather uncircumspect need to understand one's place in the order of things and which, in large measure, continues to the present day.
The recipient's status as a miser excuses, rationalizes, or possibly constructs miserliness in the reader, who understands himself as a foil for the uncircumspect "beneficent disposition." Still, even as this rhetoric of anxiety would restrict responsibility, it simultaneously subverts that purpose by having raised the specter of nonrestrictive responsibility, that example offered by the "beneficent disposition."
collaboration) and after an uncircumspect remark by Oakley to the effect that the United States was going to pluck the warlords one feather at a time until they could no longer fly, military conflict with Aidid was probably inevitable.