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This is most uncivilized behavior that goes against our culture," the President said.
Synopsis: "Back to the Wild: A Practical Manual for Uncivilized Times" is a practical, instructive, and poetic survival guide.
Napalm was no longer a hero that saved the world from tyranny; rather, it was an uncivilized murderer of women and children.
The shopkeepers' dealing with the buyers or visitors was also unsatisfactory as they were treating the fast-observing citizens in totally uncivilized manner at the sugar stall, one of the main attractions for the visitors.
Uncivilized behavior has been defined under the aberrant behavior whose characteristic is to sass alongside insulting to the others and regulation of the workplace.
That's a Farsi word suggesting the feral or uncivilized, something between wild animals and savages.
They also don't believe in skipping meals, as the French would never want you to go hungry but overeating is frowned upon because not having lunch is considered uncivilized.
Resorting to kidnappings and the discourse of arms is therefore regarded as an uncivilized and unnecessary violence, he went on.
Al-Janabi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "One of the main demands of the demonstrators is to withdraw the army, not from the province of Anbar, but also from all the provinces, because the western provinces and Baghdad became a military barracks," He added: " The army's presence in the cities is uncivilized and a state of emergency, the Army should be put out of the cities and on the border to protect the country from terrorists," expressing his hope that " Baghdad and western regions should be protected by the local police rather than the army and federal police.
She draws a parallel between the incidents of 2007 in the Parliament, as well as during the elections in 2008 that the public assessed as uncivilized for Albanians.
They look up to find me slurping the dangling strands of spaghetti that stretch from my mouth to the plate below, mortified that their uncivilized son has exposed a fundamental flaw in their American success.
He said his organization had distributed food aid to a number of needy families, "but we condemn the uncivilized method of demonstrating and blocking roads," which he added were criminal acts punishable under the law.