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The rule of lenity requires courts to resolve unclarity in criminal statutes in favor of defendants.
In the process, the commonest causes of unclarity are also identified.
Furthermore, although Grade III neck pain may occasionally require more invasive approaches, such as surgical interventions, the paucity, unclarity, and inconclusiveness of evidence for the better effectiveness of surgical interventions for the management of cervical radiculopathy when compared to conservative management in the long term (9,10) justify the use of conservative treatment approaches/physical medicine and rehabilitation strategies as the preferred first-line treatment option in the management of this disabling condition.
This is a watershed moment for the security industry with more questions than ever before, a quest for answers, a space of unclarity, all the while the scope of security continues to grow, reaching farther than it ever has before.
There is after all considerable unclarity about being a poet, and likely also a certain wariness about even thinking of it and maybe compromising its preconscious mode of operation.
In this context of unclarity, together with continued moralistic and negative responses to young pregnancy and parenting, young women's equal right to education may be undermined.
Thus in effect Dobrev has contributed towards the unclarity regarding the alleged role of renewable energy for higher electricity prices in Bulgaria.
This issue, which is shrouded in a blanket of unclarity, is crucial to the investigation and the results it will yield," Northern Governorate Prosecutor Nawaf Al Awadhi said.
This issue, which is shrouded in a blanket of unclarity, is crucial to the ongoing investigation and the results it will yield", Northern Governorate Prosecutor Nawaf Al-Awadhi said.
Hunt said that while he did not have a problem with the concept of blocking websites that facilitate unlawful downloading of music or films, there was unclarity as to whether those provisions in the law could be applied in practice.
The colour of the dress worn by the man is grey which symbolizes unclarity or obscurity on his part because he is desperately offering resistance to stop the lady but seems uncertain in his attempt.
This approach is the result of what they describe as 'the unclarity of the applicable law.