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According to officials, Ramamoorthy later altered his story and told an FBI agent that he might have unclasped the sleeping woman's bra "while playing with it".
She unclasped the brakes and my mean machine leaped forward.
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American-born ice dancer Yura Min, competing for South Korea, had the back of her costume come unclasped during her short program with partner Alex Gamelin in the team competition on Feb 11.
At a later stage as she grew old, she even remarked how, slowly but surely, God once again unclasped all the jewellery of youth as age advanced, making the body look like that of a derelict, shorn of the magic aura of youth.
We trampled Mike's mattress, unclasped the window above it, and spent the next two minutes struggling to raise the damn thing--which apparently hadn't been opened in years--while behind us we heard shouting, the crash of large heavy objects, and the dull thumping sound of flesh beating flesh.
A 'countryman' in a 1608 dialogue claimed 'We old men are old chronicles, and when our tongues go they are not only clocks to tell the time present, but large books unclasped; and our speeches, like leaves turned over and over, discover wonders long since passed'.
In his fragment of autobiography, Praeterita, he describes the narrowness and austerity of his upbringing: " Luckily for me, my mother, under these distinct impressions of her own duty, and with such latent hopes of my future eminence, took me very early to church, where, in spite of my quiet habits, and my mother's golden vinaigrette, always indulged to me there, and there only, with its lid unclasped that I might see the wreathed open pattern above the sponge, I found the bottom of the pew so extremely dull a place to keep quiet in, (my best story-books being also taken away from me in the morning,) that ...
A fitness company has come up with a hi-tech "tweeting bra" that will send out tweets every time it is unclasped, as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign.
It can be easily unclasped from the bike when not in use.
He clasped and unclasped his hands and, for emphasis, brought them crashing down like a concert pianist.