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The priest, bending over him, unclasped the chain and removed it from the dead soldier's neck.
Steadily pledging herself in those terms to make her confession, she unclasped the pearls from her neck, put them away in their cases and placed it in Horace's hand.
He took it and held the flame to Hattersley's hands, till, roaring like a wild beast, the latter unclasped them and let him go.
I unclasped her hand from my gown while I spoke; but she slipped both her arms round my waist at the same moment, and held me more effectually than ever.
But when the late sun sent its rays into the room he unclasped his hands, and fell back on the pillow.
Miss Haldin unclasped her hands and let them fall by her side.
She had unclasped her hand, and was in the act of stepping forward, when Rachael caught her in both arms with a scream that resounded over the wide landscape.
and unclasped the girdle of her arms, expressly to give herself a penitential poke in the side.
Weller unclasped his pocket-book, and drew forth a dirty sheet of letter-paper, on which were inscribed various characters crowded together in remarkable confusion.
In his fragment of autobiography, Praeterita, he describes the narrowness and austerity of his upbringing: " Luckily for me, my mother, under these distinct impressions of her own duty, and with such latent hopes of my future eminence, took me very early to church, where, in spite of my quiet habits, and my mother's golden vinaigrette, always indulged to me there, and there only, with its lid unclasped that I might see the wreathed open pattern above the sponge, I found the bottom of the pew so extremely dull a place to keep quiet in, (my best story-books being also taken away from me in the morning,) that .
A fitness company has come up with a hi-tech "tweeting bra" that will send out tweets every time it is unclasped, as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign.
It can be easily unclasped from the bike when not in use.