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The equally unclassifiable yet theatrically powerful "Press" is the outstanding result.
With these first and last works it was clear that Hempel's very practice was, from beginning to end, being presented here in a manner befitting the unclassifiable, atemporal quality of his installations: ceaselessly hesitating between narrativity and formalism, playing with codes of representation, perpetually staging itself.
Murphy claims the unclassifiable nature of the album is central to its appeal.
When Pugh and Rogers began previews of the equally unknown and unclassifiable "The Play What I Wrote" (which went on to win two Oliviers and a Tony), it opened to an advance of 22,500 [pounds sterling] ($44,000).
In all, eleven photographers, one graphic artist (the late Roman Cieslewicz, faithful designer of his film posters), and one unclassifiable figure on the French photography scene (Christian Caujolle, pioneering photo editor, critic, curator, and founding director of the Agence VU and its gallery).
Unclassifiable is perhaps the best description, and this latest disc shows the band taking even more risks as they move even further away from tunes and conventional sounds.
His free-wheeling style and funky beats make the man unclassifiable - but he's an artist worth seeing.
One of Shakespeare's most unclassifiable plays, "Much Ado About Nothing" has a range of tone and emotion that can seem almost bewildering on the page.
Of the 1,500-plus photographs there, probably two-thirds of them are freakishly, outrageously good--diaristic, classic, and unclassifiable.
This is in that interesting vortex of European jazz, which takes equal inspiration from classical, jazz and folk sources to form an unclassifiable modern improvisational music.
Following "Interkosmos," his improbably original pic about an imaginary Soviet space program, American indie filmmaker Jim Finn continues to confound with "The Shining Trench of President Gonzalo," an unclassifiable work that creates a slightly fictional world, occupied by female prisoners loyal to the titular Peruvian guerrilla leader.