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As the new diagnosis codes are applied to ED visits, the percentage that are unclassifiable by the algorithm increases substantially.
In the present case, the dislocation took the form of a depression in the femoral head caused by the posterior wall of the acetabulum, a state unclassifiable according to Pipkin's classification.
However, this particular analysis excluded those who were unclassifiable; many youths in our study have not had sex.
Borders, Intimacy, Terror is essential reading because it provides an original and individual insight on an unclassifiable British director, and arguably an increasingly rare exponent of critical and often-radical film discourse in contemporary British cinema.
Recorded live at her show at LondonaACAOs Alexandra Palace in 2013, the film features BjEaA[micro]rk and her band performing songs on the album and using a broad variety of instruments aACAodigital, traditional, and some completely unclassifiable.
In the ocean depths off of Australia, 'alien' unclassifiable mushroom-shaped organisms have been found.
Once a year, this was a long survey that let researchers identify headaches as tension type, migraine with coexisting tension type, migraine only, or unclassifiable. The long surveys also inquired about age, sex, body mass index, socioeconomic status, depression, stress, and medications.
The evocative story of how Luke Howard classified the unclassifiable
It is good to have Loy back where she belongs, uniquely unclassifiable.
As Solomon states, "it was both an artistic apprenticeship and an unclassifiable romantic crush." Rockwell went on to have close relationships with his studio assistants (even sleeping in the same bed with one on an extended camping trip) and created his own version of idealized boyhood beauty.
Britain's Got More Talent ITV2, 8.35pm The good news for anyone who loves the eclectic mix of dancers, dancing dogs, singers, comedians and the frankly unclassifiable that makes up Britain's Got Talent is that not only is the contest still going ahead, we're also getting a new series of this spin-off.
Dighton Rock, however, remains as puzzling and unclassifiable as ever.