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Alexander ("The 'Stink' of Reality") argues that David's distaste for uncleanliness dramatizes his fear of physical and emotional intimacy, a trait characteristic of the narcissistic personality.
Leiman argues that the standard analysis of this topic by modern academic biblical scholars - which asserted that uncleanliness of the hands and entry into the canon are one and the same - is incorrect, a misreading of the jewish tradition, and that there was no dispute that these three books were included in the canon even by those who argue that they did not defile the hands.
The author regularly interrupts his narrative to preach about the social (and not moral) determinants of vices such as uncleanliness, lack of thrift, vagabondage, intemperance, and even prostitution (prostitutes, for instance, are seen as a "surplus labour army," "struggling for life under the stern system of Nature").
The ending seems happy enough: the brand of uncleanliness is washed away from Mina by the destruction of Dracula.
Although sweat is often linked with uncleanliness and leaves many of us left feeling embarrassed when it appears but according to scientists, a bit of sweat may not be a bad thing - especially if you are single this Valentine's Day.
She added among the other causes which could have led to Alisha's death were a mild chest infection, suffocating from the pillow after rolling on to her front while sleeping and not having the strength to push herself pack up and the uncleanliness of the flat.
Uncleanliness was the main cause for complaint in the most recent passenger survey carried out independently for Central Trains.
A BIRMINGHAM hospital trust which was criticised for its MRSA infections and uncleanliness has now been named the best in the country.
Yet there have been many cases where they say cervical cancer has been linked to uncleanliness in uncircumcised men.
48) Graphic depictions of working women, usually Irish, drew heavily on racial stereotypes of stupidity and uncleanliness, often juxtaposed with images of smaller, subservient Chinese men.