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a property to cover the uncleanness of their purposes;" he is aroused rather than made indignant by the knowledge: "The very contemplation o' th' thing makes the spirit of the flesh begin to wriggle in my blood.
I replied, "Take it easy, Commander of the Faithful; do not describe the hearts of a people from whom God has removed uncleanness, and whom He has purified completely, as being envious and malicious.
Not only do they know that a sense of uncleanness will cause them inner tension, but also they will master all the measures to ward off dangers, and this traditional "battle plan" may keep them safe from despair, a feeling that is common among women with PPD.
50) Quoting directly from Edwin Chadwick's influential work on the sanitary conditions of London, the Board of Health notice instructed city residents that "from the uncleanness of person, dwelling or premises, or locality, combined with improper food and intemperate or irregular habits, arises the chief danger from Cholera or other epidemics; hence the importance of paying strict attention to sanitary precautions.
The verse of purification; Allah has said, "Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House, and to purify you a (thorough) purifying.
Uncleanness or impurity is not determined by anything external.
Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves.
Another matter is that a woman: "Whatever it is, although she has reached the falling stage, her soul is continuously pure and clean; uncleanness doesn't reach toher essence.
24) Jesus says that it is not what comes into the mouth that causes uncleanness, but what comes out.
However, while sanctification has begun and is growing daily (2 Thessalonians 1:3), we expect that our flesh will be destroyed with all its uncleanness (Romans 6:4-11).
Natheless, this London Ghetto of ours is a region where, amid uncleanness and squalor, the rose of romance blows yet a little longer in the raw air of English reality; a world which hides beneath its stony and unlovely surface an inner world of dreams, fantastic and poetic as the mirage of the Orient where they were woven, of superstitions grotesque as the cathedral gargoyles of the Dark Ages in which they had birth.
Meir said: even if it does not convey un-clea mess as a bloodstain it conveys uncleanness as a liquid.