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Details remain unclear, but security forces in Tunisia have been vigilant since a March attack on the Bardo national museum in which gunmen murdered 22 tourists.
The circumstances under which the British aid worker was killed are unclear," Ateny said, adding that police were investigating the incident.
Indiana: Indiana has a specific statute governing media access to polls, but it is unclear whether those laws apply to non-media seeking to photograph and share a ballot.
A second vessel, the Souvenir, is conducting sea trials in China, but it is unclear when it would begin commercial operations.
It was also unclear if the building's owners would be paid or whether the decision was made under the Emergency Powers Act.
It was unclear exactly what caused the explosions, but they set off raging fires that could be seen in the distance.
As protesters fled to surrounding suburbs and villages, black smoke was seen rising from the Shi ite Muslim area of Sanabis but the source of the smoke was unclear.
Summary: BEIRUT: A US passport was found inside a bag thrown off a motorbike in Haret Hreik on Friday, and the whereabouts of its owner are still unclear.
But the senior official and two others briefed on the case said it was unclear whether the missiles, which could hit deep inside Israel, were actually handed over in full to the guerrilla group.
Unfair Contract Terms Regime: Uncertain, unclear and unstable and ultimately unfair?
The position remains unclear and therefore it is with regret that the directors have taken the decision that the company should file for administration.