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Woodward and Bernstein's The Brethren helped uncloak the mechanics of high court decision-making.
Apple will definitely uncloak its flagship smartphone on September 9 along with the rumoured iWatch, a new report said, setting the stage for the actual iPhone 6 release date to happen one week after or September 9 at the latest.
Such efforts could uncloak a world of research and data for people who don't speak a foreign language.
In the same function, the Asian tech giant is expected to uncloak its new batch of smartphone and tablet offerings.
Thus, by hearing her own voice and disclosing her real identity, Beauty explores the hidden parts of her own body and her language which uncloaks the oppressed desires.
It re-presents the Constab's cultural cross-dressing, his donning of the contaminating "red seam" of colonial authority, as a superficial crossing-over, tragic but temporary, and redeemable--a brief betrayal that modernizes and uncloaks the true (black) self, animated with a "fierce hatred of injustice" and an earnest devotion to "kith and kin.
The evidence at trial regarding the campaign to pass Proposition 8 uncloaks the most likely explanation for its passage: a desire to advance the belief that opposite-sex couples are morally superior to same-sex couples.
His most recent research uncloaks some of the mystery surrounding fear related disorders.
Must's poignant and sometimes painful essay uncloaks the human dimensions of this community in exile and its members' struggle to maintain their culture and their church over several generations.
Dick [He uncloaks and dissects any chosen decadence via SF.
He rejects the modernist assumption that human rationality emerges in its pure and privileged form only in the natural and social sciences; and he convincingly uncloaks the theological isolationism and Christian esotericism in the works of Ronald Thiemann and John Milbank.