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On appeal, the Jennings argued that because the city intended to unclog a backup and because this action resulted in the sewage flood, the city should be liable for the damage caused by the flood.
Let's do the math: 81 man hours per month times $12 per hour equals $972 per month or $11,664 per year that he was paying staff to unclog toilets.
There was an urgent need to unclog the distribution pipeline for containers being shipped to our military customers in Hawaii," said Harvey.
Three levels of subterranean parking for residents and visitors, and one for commercial activities, would provide revenue and unclog surrounding streets.
Workers may climb a stopped conveyor to unclog a jam, only to fall into the baler when the jam suddenly gives way.
One hour of downtime accumulated daily to unclog the old conveyor belt has been reduced to about five minutes.
Another viewer, however, found The PJs to be "a funny, unique comedy that teaches lessons, morals, and how to unclog a toilet.
but it does unclog your drains, reduce itching and redness, and help you sleep better at night.
If you lower your blood cholesterol, you may not only halt arterial damage but even start to unclog your arteries.
95 Perk up dull skin once a week thanks to the essential oils and green clay ingredients which also help to unclog pores and draw out impurities.
CHANCELLOR George Osborne has hailed "ambitious" plans to hand out up to pounds 40 billion in state-backed loans to small businesses in a bid to unclog the flow of credit in the UK.