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Ione explores connections between the evolving natural world, art, and the changing inner world of the human mind, pivoting on the three concepts of plasticity, embodiment, and the unclosed circle.
A big-girl part of her imagined him lying in a field, frost glittering on his face and unclosed eyes.
The attachment part of the spring in the shape of the unclosed eye was selected, because a closed eye creates many problems during design and manufacturing, increasing the production costs.
3%) of deformed pre-Columbian skulls had sutures that remained unclosed for longer than those from his sample of undeformed skulls.
At one month after surgery, the intravitreal gas had been resorbed and OCT scan revealed an unclosed macular hole (Figure 1c, 1d).
The maps will help ensure that riders stay on mountain bike-accessible trails without straying onto private property, and will also help deter community discord caused by ranchers'cattle escaping through unclosed gates.
The episodic, trailing, unclosed ending is perhaps the most brilliant part of this brilliant, devastating, radical novel.
After exploring bilateral PPVs by laparoscopy, if unclosed PPV was observed, we punctured on the surface of inner ring with sled needle belt line, and then ligated the hernia sac in the high bit with the help of clamps.
The customs authorities remain the case unclosed because it's beneficial for them," Koshoyev added.
The possible diversion of transit cargoes onto the domestic market has been reduced to less than 3% of transit sub-consignments left unclosed (ie not having been properly accounted for).
The creation of MaritzCX involved the acquisition of Allegiance (for an unclosed sum) by Maritz Research parent company Maritz Holdings Inc.