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A photo of Aguinaldo's statement dated March 22, 1948 was published in Teodoro Agoncillo's "Revolt of the Masses." "Kawawa si Bonifacio, dahil parang hindi siya binigyan ng tamang respeto bilang nagtatag ng Katipunan at nagsimula ng rebolusyon," Villegas said in "Case Unclosed.
Unclosed crack volume and mean width are two main factors that determine the increase in permeability after dry-wet cycles.
For the road users heading from Al Khor to Doha, who wishes to revert back to the unclosed part of Al Khor Coastal road they can use Al Shamal Road and exit from Umm Garn Interchange (Exit 29) Road users who wishes to reach West Bay area, Qatar University and Lusail City can continue on Al Shamal Road and use Izghawa Interchange, road users who wishes or reach Al Kharaitiyat, Al Ebb and Leabaib can use Al Kharaitiyat interchange.
On July 25, six weeks after he was shot while practicing for a charity softball game, pro-life House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was released from MedStar Washington Hospital Center to an unclosed location for "intensive inpatient rehabilitation."
Despite the challenges of such modeling, there is at least an extensive theoretical basis to deal with the unclosed terms, putting the Y transport equation on a much firmer foundation that the interfacial evolution.
Studies offering the number of cases of antecolic Roux-en-Y reconstruction following laparoscopic total or subtotal gastrectomy with and without a closed up Petersen's space Author/Year Number of Number of Number of patients with IH cases before patients with unclosed space closing (%) closed space Kimura et al.
It has been reported in our previous works that the introduction of 2 nm thick unclosed Mo[O.sub.3] layer may create preferred nucleation sites on the substrate to enhance the lateral growth of Ag film, which improves the electrical, optical, and morphological properties of Mo[O.sub.3]/Ag electrodes [32-34].
To estimate the relative migration of the cells, the unclosed cell-free areas at times 0 and 7 or 24 h after treatments were compared, for each condition, by using the software Image J.
The attachment part of the spring in the shape of the unclosed eye was selected, because a closed eye creates many problems during design and manufacturing, increasing the production costs.
Art and the Brain: Plasticity, Embodiment, and the Unclosed Circle
I left the Facebook Messenger application unclosed, however swapped the Facebook application for an application called Metal, which goes about as a wrapper for Facebook's portable site.
Versa step TM trocar hernia rate in unclosed fascial defects in bariatric patients.