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It was quite at the other end of the house; but I knew my way; and the light of the unclouded summer moon, entering here and there at passage windows, enabled me to find it without difficulty.
Happily I could perceive no shadow of a difference: he wore the same aspect as he had worn two months ago--voice, look, manner, all alike unchanged: there was the same keen-sighted, unclouded truthfulness in his discourse, the same forcible clearness in his style, the same earnest simplicity in all he said and did, that made itself, not marked by the eye and ear, but felt upon the hearts of his audience.
She had laid up her treasures on earth only; she had lived solely for the little things of life -- the things that pass -- forgetting the great things that go onward into eternity, bridging the gulf between the two lives and making of death a mere passing from one dwelling to the other -- from twilight to unclouded day.
But the tang of the fir summons onward and upward to some 'far-off, divine event'--some spiritual peak of attainment whence we shall see with unfaltering, unclouded vision the spires of some aerial City Beautiful, or the fulfilment of some fair, fadeless land of promise."
The day of her visit was exquisite, and the last of unclouded happiness that she was to have for many months.
The sunlight poured its unclouded beauty on every object that I could see.
He passed so near the Maypole, that he could see its smoke rising from among the trees, while a flock of pigeons--some of its old inhabitants, doubtless--sailed gaily home to roost, between him and the unclouded sky.
Which word, starting with "A", is a bright blue colour, often associated with a clear, unclouded sky?
Ford, of course, is not a Britishowned company, and its American owners will make investment decisions unclouded by any sense of sentimental loyalty to workers employed in Bridgend.
Wallace describes her organization as an unclouded reflection of her muse: her daughter.
The process also offers benefi ts to retailers: the fi lm's high level of transparency enables unclouded product presentation and packs with impressive luster to be achieved.
After driving down a narrow, dirt-and-gravel road, they congregated in Palmer Chapel Methodist Church, where they sang "Amazing Grace," "Unclouded Day" and other old hymns.