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With such a foundation, conscience and uncoerced, voluntary, Spirit-led experiential faith, for the church and for the individual, seems relevant still.
The Supreme Courts holding in Singh eliminates any ambiguity that may have arisen out of Zale I and Zale II regarding the correct standard of review following approval of a merger by an informed, uncoerced vote of stockholders.
175) Our choices are all a bit heteronomous--autonomy is in the act of choosing, uncoerced.
And people are going to, in an uncoerced way, get to decide for
135) Mere "acquiescence to apparent lawful authority" does not constitute voluntary, uncoerced consent to a warrantless search.
Autonomy, therefore, means group autonomy to decide collectively through the processes that are uncoerced.
According to D'Costa, "mission" involves a deep concern for the greatest good of X when that good is understood as the free and uncoerced conversion to Jesus Christ and baptism into the Catholic Church.
This claim will be granted by almost all compatibilists (and many libertarians too); nevertheless, they will point to the fact that some of these actions are uncoerced intelligent responses to the environment--that is, meet the conditions for Waller freedom--and ask why isn't this fact sufficient to render the agent morally responsible?
They have earned the right to be free and uncoerced because they govern themselves.
3) As a result we end up with theories characterized by maximal simplicity and scope, accepted by broad communities of inquirers and citizens reasoning from positions of uncoerced belief.
60) If, in the course of that questioning, the suspect makes "an uncoerced statement to the police," he has impliedly waived his right to remain silent.
Not only did he unsympathetically characterize the adult as a "half-wit" and the little girl as "alert" or "precocious," but he assumed that the little girl was unharmed and that her participation in this "game" was completely uncoerced.