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The series of videos--a spine running through her radically uncohesive oeuvre--enacts one of her key interests: the dispersion of seemingly private details in public space.
In 1982, Leonard Cooper, a passionate community activist during the turbulent days of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and early `70s, took the helm of the Worcester branch of the NAACP, an organization he had once scorned as being uncohesive and directionless.
The plot is an uncohesive mishmash of various mythological influences, mainly delivered when Lara pauses in cut scenes to opine aloud in her High English accent to no one in particular about artifacts, Norse gods, hidden lands and minor characters no one can possibly keep track of.
CENTCOM spokesmen characterized Iraqi resistance as sporadic and uncohesive.
When interpreting a discourse, we resolve as many of these underspecifications as possible, following a constraint which requires us to "maximize discourse coherence" (Asher and Lascarides 1998) but permits also relatively uncohesive discourses if need be.
Had it not been for the Spartans' suicidal but heroic stand at Thermopylae, which showed that the Persians could be resisted, it is unlikely that the small, wavering and uncohesive force of loyalist Greeks would have had the nerve to imagine that they might one day win.
The software process revolves around the difficulty of nailing down hard rules, rigid concepts and precise definitions from the relatively uncohesive business environment.
But in fluctuating ecosystems such as ephemeral streams and shallow closed-basin lakes, food webs are generally simple and uncohesive, and predator taxa abundant enough to regulate consumer populations are rare (Boulton et al.
I find it hard not to regard as cynical the decision to produce three (rather expensive) volumes of reprints rather than a single volume with a more concentrated focus on the truly great and lasting contributions which Ashenfelter has undeniably made - though the contents of such a volume might be just too uncohesive.
Finally, in Ecuador, a series of party and electoral law provisions encourage loose and uncohesive parties whose members have little connection to any common platform (Conaghan 1994).
Specifically, critics have pointed out the way in which Marlowe made a personal drama out of the uncohesive mass of detail which constituted the large chronicles.