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A PLCS-coiled pipe trailer and 2-inch pipe straightener were used to uncoil the coiled PA-11 pipe at Nashville Gas.
Meanwhile the music strobes so rapidly it uncoils in understanding, not time, adrift in technical registers holding relations in light patterns all the night till morning's mimosas under blue sky embowering our nicer noise to a gold-stringed noon acoustic.
Calculations by applied mathematicians Alain Goriely and Tyler McMillen of the University of Arizona in Tucson indicate that another part of the whip--a loop rolling down the whip's length--also goes supersonic when it's near the tip and begins to uncoil.
Luca Cumani is another with Longchamp very much in mind and the Arc-bound Alkaased looked a powerful spring waiting to uncoil as he travelled strongly, flanked by Pukka and Le Vie dei Colori.
Monty the 10ft Burmese python asphyxiated his owner Rick Barber, 43, crushing him so badly that it took seven firefighters and two police to uncoil the snake.
Like many other male spiders, a redback can fertilize females with either of a pair of structures that uncoil from his head.
In this piece a white-chalked, black leather whip/tail/snake falls from a clamp on the wall to uncoil across the floor and culminate in a brass spike, the implied exhaustion offset by the sense that something threatening in it could awake at any moment.
But there is always the chance that Sehwag will uncoil an innings of equal brutality to that played by Sachin Tendulkar in Hyderabad.
Uncoil the wind lines and stake them about four or five feet from the tent.
SUNDAY EXPRESS: Biotech firm Protherics launched its second treatment for irregular heartbeat in the US last week and shares in the business, best known for its rattlesnake bite treatment, could well uncoil handsomely this year from 36 3 4p.
To master the details of transcription, scientists must first understand the forces an enzyme exerts on DNA to uncoil and stretch the molecule, then separate its complementary strands.